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Buy Cheap Door Handles and Internal Door Furniture Online in the UK

 Shop online at UK Door Handles for the best deals on internal door furniture including ironmongery, door hinges, door closers, locks, latches and a wide assortment of quality cheap door handles and knobs. We are a leading stockist in the UK, able to deliver nationwide.

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We supply everything from traditional style door handles to designer door handles. If you want to buy a cheap door handle or you are looking to make a statement, we believe you will find our extensive selection to your liking. Our stunning range includes polished chrome door handles, traditional polished brass door handles, various brushed/matt satin chrome door handles and more decorative items such as our glass/porcelain handles and exquisite period door handles. We have internal door furniture to suit all doors, themes and properties.

To take the thinking out of the equation you can buy complete door handle packs containing all the items you need to get your chosen handles and matching door furniture fully fitted. Packs typically include a pair of door handles with matching door hinges, locks, thumb turns, keyhole escutcheons and latches – browse our online product range for a more detailed description.

Our internal door furniture is ideally suited for any setting. We have commercial grade stainless steel door handles for use on the factory, offices or even your home. For rentals or tight budgets you can buy from our special range of affordable and cheap door handles. There are also lightweight aluminium door handles to choose from. For a modern twist we have our contemporary door handles available for you to order online. Our range of door furniture comes in a multitude of styles and finishes to match any decor or ideas you wish to fulfil.

We stock a multitude of fire door funiture to meet building regulations and are all marked with the relavant british standards mark. Our fire door hinges come in various grades and finishes. We stock self closing adjustable spring hinges, grade 13 stainless steel fire hinges, grade 11 hinges for internal doors plus lots of various door closers.

Buy online from UK Door Handles and you can be sure to get quality, cheap door handles that are not only well-designed and functional, but visually stunning as well. Check out our online selection without delay.


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